Monday, May 16, 2011

pressure point

note to self. when asking someone if the sun roof is open. NEVER under any circumstances stick your hand up there to see if it still open. because if you do then that person may just close the sun roof without answering your question. also it is criticial that they do not look up to see what you are doing.

for those of your that have not had your fingers closed in a sun roof let me tell how it feel. there is a pressure that feels as though it is trying to make your fingers flat as a pancake. the sun roof longs to be closed nice and tight. it does not matter who or what you are. it just wants to be reunited with its friends that it missed so much while they were seperated.

once it is back open. you are free. and it is bliss.


  1. Oh my goodness! I have no memory of this, but evidently when I was about 18 months old my sister slammed my hand in a door, flattening my hand like a pancake. I have no real memory, but I felt phantom pain reading your post!