Friday, May 13, 2011

bare feet

i'm having a flashback to last week. i walked into a house to this evening and was expected to take off my shoes. i had never met this person person. so here i am extending my hand for the hand shake with my midnight blue toe nails popping out. talk about feeling totally akward. is your floor really that important? they are meant to be walked on. you have wood floors. my shoes are thin as paper and smooth like silk on the bottom. i tracked no water, mud, or dirt into your home....and yet i stood with my blue toes screaming out...look she didn't expect to remove her shoes today. for i would have selected a more appropriate color for walking around red or pink or light purple. or maybe teal.

but people please think of others when you ask them to remove their shoes.


  1. exactly! except i hadn't painted mine in quite a while so they were chipped, faded and obviously neglected! i once saw a house where they had a basket of slippers by the door for people to wear. i am not sure that is the answer, but at least it is some consideration to the issue at hand!

  2. I sort of like the image of electric blue toes! :) However, I do agree that I'd feel a bit uncomfortable walking around barefoot in someone's least until I knew them better!
    Slippers by the door--maybe good, maybe not. Good to have something to pull on, but whose feet were in them before mine? Maybe a basket of freshly washed slipper socks?
    At any rate, we are to the time of year where toes are going to be showing--time for pedicures!

  3. I'm with Ruth - I like your blue toes. I don't understand the whole "bare feet" issue. Your aunt is that way, Bria. Seriously, your feet have oils that attract dirt and are probably dirtier than your shoes!